Making homes beautiful while staying at home! 

Under these difficult and unprecedented circumstances, it has become crucial to prioritize health and safety over everything else. The pandemic that has shaken the entire world has shined a light on a new way of life and we at Threads and Tassels have adapted to it completely. Until better days knock on our doors, we have reorganized our company and its workings in order to offer the best services to our patrons. 

At the Threads and Tassels factory, warehouses and workshops located in India we are taking all the recommended precautions and maintaining strict hygiene & health protocols. The majority of our team is working remotely from home while the necessary personnel and logistics team have been working at the factory/warehouses in limited numbers. The number of employees working at the premises has been reduced to the minimum number needed to smoothly run operations. 

In these times, our main aim is to further prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus while protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients and partners. It is the hard work and dedication of our employees and the love of our patrons that motivates us to strive for excellence even in this uncertain situation. We move forward believing that we will together ride this out, as a team, be it remotely or in person.

While we all have been experiencing the adversities of the situation it has also brought with it some positive impact. It has taught us to appreciate the little things in life, it has taught us gratitude and it has taught us to love our homes in which we have spent more time than ever. And we at Threads and Tassels want to work towards making your homes even more special, by adding the warmth, comfort and cosiness of our products. Our washable and low maintenance rugs come as a practical solution in keeping your haven clean and safe in style! 

Yours Truly, 

Team Threads and Tassels