FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

All our rugs are handmade with natural organic cotton & harmless Azo-free dyes, are ultra-soft, highly water absorbent and coated with certified & sustainable invisible Non-Slip backing. They are antimicrobial and treated in a hygienic way. It complies with all quality and safety regulations for children.


How can I accessorize my rug?

You can style them with wool or fleece blankets, throws and pillows to create a gorgeous and comfortable atmosphere. You can also pair the rug with our matching or contrasting ethically sourced and sustainably processed organic cotton washable throws and cushions.

Can your rugs be made to a specific measure?

Threads and Tassels offers set sizes and dimensions for different products. Our rugs cannot be customized to specific sizes. But we do offer customization services for B2B orders depending on the MOQ’s (Minimum order quantity). You can connect us through the B2B form in the footer section of our website. You can also email us your requirements at help@threadsandtassels.com

You can combine our different pieces to create your own unique and special place. If you aren't sure if our rug will fit in your space, then you can opt for a smaller more compact piece. Also, our super flexible rugs can bend so you can easily put a part of the rug under your furniture.

Rugs Quality 


The rug I received is a little bit shorter/longer or not the same color as was mentioned on the website.

Each product is unique as they are handmade, so there might be a little variation in size, shape and colors. Our rugs are handcrafted using traditional artisanal methods. All our rugs are cut by hand, so the size may vary ever so slightly. Also, while we have made every effort to display the colors of the products that appear on the website as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee that your monitor or screen’s display of any color will be completely accurate, as computer monitors, and screens of electronic devices vary.

My rugs have some creases from folding them. How do I get the creases out?

Creases develop when rugs are folded and stored for a long period of time. To remove these creases, we recommend that you tumble the rug in a dryer for 15 minutes at a low-temperature setting. This would effectively help in removing the creases. In case you do not have access to a dryer, a rapid washing machine programme will make the creases disappear. You can also run your hands over the creases and shake the rugs in an open area.

Why my rug releases fluff and lint?

At Threads and Tassels, we craft all our rugs with 100% pure cotton and wool which is why the rugs may release a little fluff. Fluff is nothing but the fibre that remains trapped in the weave of the rug. This is not a defect, but a natural characteristic of the yarn's natural fibre used. Shedding is a natural and harmless process that happens when the product is new and during use.

To avoid fluff, we recommend gently brushing the rug with a stiff broom in the direction of the weave to gradually remove all the trapped cotton fibres. You can use masking tape or lint roller to remove fluff & lint.

  • Masking tape Roll some masking tape, sticky side out, around your hand, and alternately press and lift the tape on the rug to pick off the lint. Alternatively, cut strips of masking tape, press them on the product and then lift them off with the lint.
  • Lint roller Move the roller back and forth over the rug until all the lint is removed.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner frequently in the first couple of weeks of rug use. 

Rugs Care


Can it be washed in a regular washing machine?

Our high-quality rugs are handmade with ethically sourced organic cotton and non-toxic dyes. They can be easily washed at home in a regular washing machine or by hand.

Following are the machine capacities required for each size: 

Washable Organic Cotton Rugs:

  • 5 kg - Size “S” up to 70 x 120 cm / up to Ø 90 cm
  • 6 kg - Size “M” up to 120 x 160 cm/ up to Ø 120 cm
  • 7 kg - Size “M” up to 120 x 180 cm/ up to Ø 150 cm
  • 9-10 kg - Size “L” up to 150 x 200 cm / up to Ø 170 cm

We recommend that you read the Washing & Care instructions carefully before you wash your rug.

For bigger sized rugs, in case your home washing machine doesn't have the necessary capacity, then they can be easily washed at the dry cleaners. You may also wash your rug by hand using any mild detergent and lukewarm water. 

What kind of soap should be used to wash the rugs?

The rugs should be washed with warm water which is at the maximum temperature of 31°C using the machine setting for delicate clothes. For our rugs, we recommend that you use a chlorine-free mild detergent (which is without any bleaching/whitening agents or conditioner) to ensure the protection of the rug's material and color.

Do the rugs lose color after washing?

Our dyeing and processing units has been granted certification from Oeko-tex Standard 100, the World's leading and best-known certification for textiles. The ethically sourced organic cotton yarn is dyed with certified dyes and chemicals and is treated at high temperature, so there won’t be any problem even after many washes. However, we recommend washing the rug separately from other products, since in the first washes it may lose some color resulting from the excess cotton that remains between the fibres after finishing the product.

High humidity can let the colors of the rug bleed thus damaging it. Do not leave the damp rugs or cushions in the washing machine, immediately remove them after the washing cycle ends and put it in the dryer (at a low-temperature setting) or spread it out to dry.

The rug shouldn’t be dried or placed in direct sunlight as it might damage the colors of the rug. Since our rugs are made with 100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes, we recommend that direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

Our range of rugs is completely suited to underfloor heating.

Can I use a fabric softener or conditioner to wash the rugs?

Most fabric softeners and conditioners contain certain chemicals that might damage the rugs, so it is not advisable to use them while washing. However, you can use non-toxic sulphate and chlorine free conditioners which coats the cotton fibres with a protective layer and prevents the damage caused by repeated washing.

Can I dry the rugs in a dryer?

Yes, our rugs can be tumble dried in a dryer provided that the lowest temperature setting is used. In fact, drying our rugs in a dryer will make them even more fluffy and soft. We also recommend that prior to using it you tumble your rug in a dryer for 15 minutes at a low temperature to get rid of fold creases formed during packing.

How can I store my rugs properly?

Before storing, you can roll up the rug instead of folding it to avoid creases. Keep them in the place that is not damp or in direct contact with sunlight.

Creases develop when rugs are folded and stored for a long period of time. To remove these creases, we recommend that you put the rug in a dryer for 15 minutes at a low-temperature setting. This would effectively help in removing the creases. In case you do not have access to a dryer, a rapid washing machine programme will make the creases disappear. You can also run your hands over the creases and shake them in an open area.

Are the rugs flexible and easy to move?

Our range of washable rugs are highly flexible, and you can easily put them in the washing machine. All our rugs are also extremely lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another. This makes them practical and easy to maintain not only because they can be washed at home whenever necessary, but also because they can be moved anywhere based on your needs.

How can I prevent my rug from slipping off from the floor when I walk on it?

It is easy! A rug pad will make all the difference. Although all our rugs are coated with certified and sustainable invisible Non-Slip Backing.

I still have a question that is not answered. How can I resolve this question?

Our team is here to help you with all your questions. Contact our customer service team at help@threadsandtassels.com