The Care Project

'Try to leave the earth a better place than when you arrived'. And we at Threads and Tassels aim to do everything in our power to abide by this golden rule!


With sustainability at heart, we design our processes and source our materials in a way that ensures the protection of our beautiful planet. From organic cotton to dyes, our raw materials are ethically and locally sourced or produced in order to benefit the Earth and our community.

At Threads and Tassels, preservation of the planet is set as the highest priority and hence all measures are taken to ensure reduction of pollution at all stages of sourcing, manufacturing, and selling.

Our motto is to conserve, sustain and cherish the environment. We lead by example and here is a look at some of the practices we religiously follow to uphold our motto:

  • We only use certified, non-toxic dyes and chemicals in dyeing and other processes.
  • Water is treated in our ETP (Effluent treatment plant) setup, after the dyeing and washing processes before it is discharged. We even reutilise the treated water wherever possible.
  • Water that is drained from the RO water filters is directed to the toilet's cistern tanks where it is reused.
  • To efficiently use electricity, we have installed LED lights instead of bulbs along with heat resistant glass windows.
  • In an attempt to offset the impact of our manufacturing processes and to maintain the ecological balance of our environment, we have planted trees.
  • We also recycle our textile waste thoroughly to prevent any avoidable wastage.
  • We keep noise pollution in check and attempt to minimize air pollution by following practices like the adoption of LPG/PNG gas-fired boilers and burners.
  • We are a part of and advocates of forums such as the better cotton initiative, Oeko-tex Standard 100 and more.


Sustainable Society 

Threads and Tassels is not just a business it is a tight 'knit' family of creative designers, hard-working technicians, and age-old artisans. 

Our traditional crafts and culture are our heritage and our pride. We believe that it is our responsibility to keep them alive and to pass on their beautiful legacy to our future generations.

We work towards supporting the Indian craftsmen and artisans while providing them with the opportunity to grow in all aspects. For it is the passion and dedication of these artisans that have made us what we are today.

With our goal of 'Equal Opportunity For All', we consciously create a harmonious working environment where creativity can flow irrespective of one's gender, race or caste. 

Our members' safety and security are of utmost importance to us and hence we offer the best working environment and conditions to them.

  • Periodic Drinking Water Test, Ambient Air Test and Workplace Noise Test to safeguard our employee's health & wellbeing.
  • All our workers are provided with amenities such as housing, medical care, and other social security benefits.
  • We provide the best possible wages and benefits within the government framework policies to our workers.
  • A workers representative committee is in place to ensure fairness & integrity at our workplace.

We understand our responsibility towards our family of artisans, craftsmen, workers and every employee under Threads and Tassels. We pledge to take care of our people and our planet!