Our Process

To create our luxurious range of products we employ a perfected and streamlined process. In a continuous attempt to innovate, our team of artisans and designers constantly look for modern and new techniques, yarns, designs, dyes and more. 

Our factory located in India is an all-inclusive facility with the competency to completely manufacture our products from scratch. To keep a close eye on quality and to ensure sustainability, all manufacturing processes including dyeing, printing, manufacturing, processing, finishing and packaging are carried in house.

We believe that for the end product to be great, the raw materials must be of great quality and hence we only use the best quality materials to manufacture our products:

Natural & Organic Fibres

Our products are defined by their great quality and supreme comfort. To ensure that every product matches this prerequisite, we only use natural and locally sourced raw materials (cotton and wool). These environmentally friendly materials are organic in nature and are ethically sourced from cotton plantations located in India.

Non-toxic & Natural Dyes

We achieve the beautiful colors and shades on our products through natural dyes which are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The age-old method of mixing natural powdered dyes with very hot water and then further diluting it is used to create our natural, azo-free dyes. The cotton fibres are then submerged in this dye repeatedly to achieve the desired intensity and hue. Dried in direct sunlight, these dyed fibres are now ready to be woven or tufted into beautiful creations.

The use of these dyes ensures that our product is good and safe for children, adults and the planet!

Nature of our rugs

We believe in providing the very best to our consumers, so we work really hard to ensure that our products are the best. Our rugs are hand-made, eco-friendly, made with the best quality materials and lots of love!


We think handmade products add a sense of authenticity and therefore, from spinning the fibers to dyeing them and from weaving/tufting the products to packing them, each of our products is entirely hand-crafted by our artisans just for you, by using traditional manufacturing techniques, which is why they are one of a kind.


We are protectors of the Earth. In our quest to safeguard our bountiful planet, we ensure that all our actions, be it raw material sourcing or product manufacturing, are sustainable and gentle on the environment. By adopting the natural and handmade way of production, we try to reduce carbon emissions, waste generation and more. We hope to inspire other businesses to choose the eco-friendly way by promoting the use of natural resources and traditional means of production.

Certified Quality

Our manufacturing unit located in India is ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 certified. Also, our dyeing and processing unit has been granted certification from Oeko-tex Standard 100 which is the World's leading and best-known certification for textiles. We have also employed in-house testing facilities to assure that the cotton and wool used to produce our range of products comply with our high-quality standards. Moreover, our products meet all the safety and care parameters that are set to deem them safe for children.